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Monday, 13 February 2017

Valentines Day - Keep The Romance Alive!

The colour RED has been dominating my styles and floral colour palettes these past few months with all of the recent festivities: Christmas, followed by Chinese New Year and now Valentines Day. Red certainly comes into its own during these months and symbolises festive seasons, including times of passion, desire & love.

Whether you've been married for 50 years, you've just started dating or are single, February 14th is a special date in our annual calendar when we definitely feel the love around the globe and people come together to enjoy romantic dinners, exchange gifts, chocolates and flowers all in the name of Saint Valentine.

According to Search Engine Journal, about $19.7 billion was spent on Valentines Day last year with unmarried couples spending the most proving that Romance is most certainly alive.

For Her

It's considered the best day to express feelings of love for that special person in your life. But how did flowers become such an integral part of this day of love?

Well, back in the Victorian era, it was common for people to express their emotions through floriography - the subtle language of flowers. Giving a certain kind of flower conveyed a specific message and red roses still continues to be a symbol of romance and true love to this day.

Delicious Chocolates & Red Roses - A Winner!

Last month, in preparation for this special day we ran some Valentines Day workshops.  The editing team of the Beam magazine here in Singapore took a morning out to attend one such workshop to create their own Valentine Hearts for the February issue.

Valentine Hearts - The Beam Team - Singapore

There's a certain satisfaction in learning a new skill but creating with flowers not only provides a fab activity, it brings people together and it's a real stress buster, nourishing our souls.

If you'd like to add some colour, flowers and a new activity to your life, you don't have to wait for a special occasion. We run flower filled workshops by appointment. You can find out more about our by emailing: Info@karenfrenchfloraldesigns.com

Happy Valentines Day - Keep the romance alive!

With flowery wishes

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